Nomination Categories

Category 1

PEEAM Education Business Sustainability Award 2021


Required Documents

  1. Nomination & Declaration Forms
  2. Business Certificate (SSM) – Form D, 9, 24 & 49
  3. Applicant’s IC Copy
  4. High-Resolution Individual Portrait Photo of CEO / Managing Director
  5. Brand / Company Logo (Adobe Illustrator / PDF)
  6. MOE / JKM License
  7. Company Profile (PDF)
    1. About Your Company / Brand 
    2. Vision, Mission & Core Values
    3. Environment & Learning Space
    4. Business & Centre Growth
    5. Management System
      • Centres
      • Teachers
      • Students
    6. Programme / Curriculum (Syllabus)
    7. Finance Management
    8. Marketing Strategy
    9. Corporate Social Responsibility
    10. IP Protection
    11. Other Significant Initiatives
    12. Accreditation (TM / IP / ISO / Academic Achievement & etc.)

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Private Education Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia (PEEAM)​

PEEAM is a non-profit organisation established on 3 January, 2019. Private Education Entrepreneur Association Malaysia (PEEAM) was an idea initiated by a group of professionals from different backgrounds dedicated to provide a platform for Private Education Entrepreneurs to exchange and share ideas, to strive for affordable and quality education for Malaysians and to promote education entrepreneurship in Malaysia.

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